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Newly-Released Numbers Show Strong, Positive Clean Energy Presence Throughout North Carolina

April 16, 2013 5:41 PM | Posted By: Lowell Sachs, Director of Communications

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Newly-Released Numbers Show Strong, Positive Clean Energy Presence Throughout North Carolina

Counties across the State Reap the Benefit of Major Renewable Energy Investments

RALEIGH – Newly released estimates from RTI International’s analysis of clean energy investment in North Carolina show that North Carolina’s clean energy policies have contributed to substantial county-level investments in renewable energy projects. Overall, 22 North Carolina counties saw greater than $10 million in direct spending in clean energy development from 2007 – 2012 representing a cumulative investment of over $785 million.

“The data clearly shows that North Carolina’s clean energy policies are providing an economic boost in counties all around the state,” said Lowell Sachs, Director of Communications for the NC Sustainable Energy Association. “In addition to creating paths for future business development, these clean energy investments bring badly needed revenue that can support core functions of these communities like roads, schools, fire departments and police.”

The data comes from a report originally released in February 2013 by RTI International and La Capra Associates, Inc. The new county-level review reveals that rural and suburban areas in counties such as Davidson, Person, Cabarrus, and Robeson were among the biggest winners in the race to stake a claim to leadership on clean energy with the associated job and investment benefits that come with it. In its findings, the report pointed to a positive relationship between clean energy businesses and local economic developers, noting that jobs were often created in rural counties that had previously been struggling with dwindling employment numbers.

Over $1 billion in total renewable energy investments flowed into North Carolina counties over the past six years with 88% of those investments coming in the form of projects valued at $1 million or greater. Looking across the state, the RTI – La Capra study also found that North Carolina’s clean energy investments have been responsible for over $1.7 billion in gross state product since 2007.

A full list of the counties hosting investments in projects valued at over one million dollars as well as a full-size statewide map of the data accompanies this release. The full report and detailed methodology can be found on the NC Sustainable Energy Association site.

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