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Duke Energy Launches My Home Energy Report

November 24, 2012 2:15 PM | Posted By: Kathleen Fleming, Director of Business Development

Duke Energy Launches My Home Energy Report

500,000 residential customers in North Carolina will receive

reports comparing their personal energy usage to other customers

CHARLOTTE, NC – Duke Energy is mailing reports to 500,000 residential customers in North Carolina showing them how their personal energy usage compares with customers who live in similar homes in their areas.

North Carolina to Become More Energy Efficient State Following Recovery Act Grants

September 4, 2012 11:53 AM | Posted By: Kathleen Fleming, Director of Business Development

North Carolina is more energy-efficient than it was in 2009. Homes, schools, college campuses, businesses and government facilities are using less energy, saving on utility bills and generating more power from renewable sources as a result of grants distributed by the N.C. Energy Office and funded through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

EPA Recognizes Lowe's as One of Top Green Power Purchasers

September 1, 2012 12:33 PM | Posted By: Kathleen Fleming, Director of Business Development

Green power is electricity produced from renewable generation sources such as biogas, solar and wind turbines. These renewable energy sources are cleaner than traditional sources of electricity that produce carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas linked to global climate change. Green power purchases support the development of new, renewable energy capacity.

Lowe's was recognized for its voluntary purchase of green power for use at stores and warehouses in North and South Carolina, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas. Lowe's purchases the green power in the form of electricity generated from biogas, solar, and wind resources from six different providers. Lowe's remains the largest purchaser of green power in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) service area as well as North Carolina.

Carolinas MED-1 Going Green While Providing Care At DNC In Charlotte

August 31, 2012 4:12 PM | Posted By: Kathleen Fleming, Director of Business Development

CHARLOTTE, N.C. ­- Carolinas MED-1 – a mobile hospital owned by Carolinas HealthCare System – is again leading innovation in disaster response via a partnership with members of the Charlotte energy hub. Through integration of energy efficient solutions and renewable energy technology MED-1 will become less dependent on fossil fuels.

NCSEA, Raleigh Partner to Help Preserve Utility Clean Energy Programs

August 9, 2012 11:37 AM | Posted By: Amneris Solano

By Jim Kennerly, Policy and Regulatory Analyst

As the Duke-Progress merger progresses, one of NCSEA’s top priorities is to ensure that Duke Energy  and Progress Energy continue to offer successful, customer-focused programs encouraging renewable energy and energy efficiency. To enhance transparency and provide greater certainty, NCSEA and the City of Raleigh have proposed convening a working group comprised of the utilities, local government decision-makers, clean energy service providers and energy advocates in order to allow all parties to exchange ideas and stay informed of the combined company’s plans to continue offering affordable clean energy options.

Without more information about the future of successful utility initiatives such as Progress Energy’s SunSense program, it will be very challenging for many local governments such as the City of Raleigh to undertake cost-effective sustainability initiatives that reduce waste, encourage clean energy and improve quality of life. In a letter NCSEA filed at the North Carolina Utilities Commission on behalf of the City of Raleigh, Mayor Nancy McFarlane asserts that “greater visibility as to the companies’ plans for integration of these programs and practices will better enable the City of Raleigh to carry out its mission, to the benefit of our 416,000 citizens.”

To see NCSEA’s filing at the Commission and Mayor McFarlane’s letter to the North Carolina Utilities Commission, click here.

Nominations Open For 5th Annual Sustainable Business Awards

July 26, 2012 7:31 PM | Posted By: Amneris Solano

The USGBC Charlotte Region Chapter is hosting the 5th Annual Sustainable Business Awards.

These awards provide recognition to people and organizations who are transforming our built environment and our community into a healthier, more environmentally friendly and prosperous place to live, work and learn.

Nominations are due Friday, August 10, 2012 5 p.m. and projects are not required to be LEED Certified, so nominate today.

Finalists will be announced on Aug. 27 and the winners will be awarded at the Annual Green Gala on October 11th at The Ritz Carlton, Charlotte.

Download the packet/nomination form by going to

SEM Unveils ecoHOME Program

July 26, 2012 7:25 PM | Posted By: Amneris Solano

MORRISVILLE — Builders have a new option designed to make implementing energy efficiency improvements more efficient, through "ecoHOME," a program developed by Southern Energy Management (SEM). For years, builders have been adapting to changes from various other programs that are becoming more specialized and, often, more complicated. The purpose of ecoHOME is to simplify procedural requirements while maximizing the home’s health, comfort and energy efficiency.

Lime Energy Completes one of the Largest Scale Municipal Efficiency Projects in the Country

July 3, 2012 12:46 PM | Posted By: Amneris Solano

Huntersville, NC — Lime Energy Co. has completed the Allegheny County Energy Program for Municipalities (ACEPM). Lime Energy conducted general grade audits of 104 (81%) of the 129 municipal facilities in Allegheny County. Following a review of the audit findings, projected municipal contributions and estimated rebates to be received from their respective energy service providers (ESP), 75 (58%) of the 129 municipalities passed resolutions to participate by electing to have their facilities’ retrofitted with energy conservation measures.

NC Energy Office Wins Grant for Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects

June 28, 2012 8:36 AM | Posted By: Amneris Solano

RALEIGH, NC – The North Carolina Energy Office has received a $532,134 U.S. Department of Energy grant to expand its award-winning Utility Savings Initiative to provide energy efficiency assistance to often overlooked or understaffed rural public school systems, community colleges and local governments.  The grant will enable the Energy Office to work with eight public school districts, eight community colleges and six local governments to plan, implement and finance energy efficiency improvements to buildings and other public infrastructure.

Success Stories: Samsel Architects

June 25, 2012 7:57 PM | Posted By: Amneris Solano

Duncan McPherson, AIA, LEED AP Architect, is a principal and vice president at Samsel Architects in Asheville. Samsel Architects has produced award-winning design in Western North Carolina. The firm specializes in custom residential architecture, inns, galleries, retail, medical and educational facilities. NCSEA spoke with McPherson about the firm's commitment to green building.

What sets Samsel Architects part from other firms?
The architecture profession strives to achieve the delicate balance of artistic beauty and technical precision. Our studio has struck that balance of design vision and technical expertise to create exceptional projects that are attractive, functional, durable and efficient. We believe in leaving only beautiful marks on the Earth and hold ourselves to this standard on every project.

Why did the firm choose to focus part of its mission on green building?
Our commitment to green building and sustainability comes directly from our personal values and beliefs. Jim Samsel founded the firm in 1985 with a focus on passive solar and energy efficient design. Since then, as the firm has grown, the core values of the firm have evolved. Each of us in the studio has the desire to take our personal values and apply them to our projects every day. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of our work.

Why are green homes and buildings growing in popularity?
The economics of green building has finally reached the point where we can’t afford not to build green. Technologies and products have advanced to where the return on investment is relatively short and energy costs continue to increase. When you frame the discussion in economic terms and not just environmental terms, there’s really no argument left to have. It has become a question of how do we achieve sustainable buildings, not a question of why.