Looking to learn more about industry trends, network with clean energy professionals, or connect with business partners? Check out our list of upcoming local and national events.


NCSEA's 2018 Continuing Legal Education Course

Continuing Legal Education 
NCSEA’s annual Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars focus on the multiple legal considerations involved in renewable energy law. These courses cover issues such as site control, permitting, contracting to sell a project’s output, the arrangements of a project and the steps to connect to the electric grid. Every other year, the CLE focuses on renewable energy law in Southeastern states and on the alternative years, the CLE includes only North Carolina considerations.

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NCSEA's 2017 Clean Energy Finance Course 

Women in Clean Energy Networking Events (WICE)
As part of NCSEA's Inclusiveness Initiative, our WICE networking events aim to create a space for women in North Carolina to come together and connect with other women in the industry. These connections are integral to the advancement of women in this sector, and the clean energy industry as a whole. At a basic level, women in this industry need to meet and interact with other women in the industry so that they know who and where their fellow women are in this space. Doing so provides these women with the opportunity to include one another in invitations to be on panels, attend conferences and events, share job opportunities, and collaborate on projects. In a space that is not gender equal, women are less likely to be invited to the table unless a concerted effort is made.  Learn more about Women in Clean Energy and our next event here. 

Finance Events
NCSEA hosts a Financing Clean Energy event annually each Fall to review the major financial changes in the clean energy industry. Topics have included the mergers and acquisitions in the utility-scale solar industry, changes to the available financing methods for developing projects, and financing for emerging sectors such as energy storage, biogas, and electric vehicles.

View 2016 and 2017 Clean Energy Project Finance agendas.