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The Face of Clean Energy

Candidate Questionnaires

Energy is one of the most important issues North Carolinians are facing. The men and women running for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Council of State, and the NC General Assembly can have a positive impact on developing a comprehensive energy and economic plan that results in affordable, accessible, cleaner energy for all of us beginning in January 2013. 

In an effort to proactively provide information about clean energy and develop stronger relationships with candidates on the November 6th ballot, NCSEA distributed the 2012 Candidate Questionnaire on Energy Policy and an educational fact sheet.  Candidates' responses are posted below in the order they were received.

 To view a copy of the questionnaire
which NCSEA submitted to candidates, please click here.

Candidates' responses were due by 5 pm, Friday, September 14, 2012.

We encourage you to download a fact sheet, which includes information on energy policy and regulatory issues facing North Carolina residents. You can also click on the image to the right to download a copy of the fact sheet.

Check back frequently to view additional candidate responses. If you do not see your local or state candidates on the list of responses, please contact them and urge them to fill out the questionnaire.

We hope this effort will allow those seeking elected office an opportunity to communicate their views on important policy issues and help voters make informed decisions at the polls. 

If you are a candidate and have additional questions or would like to learn more about NCSEA and our state’s rapidly-growing clean energy economy, please feel free to contact Julie Robinson, NCSEA’s Director of Government Affairs, at


Why the November 2012 elections are unique – and extremely important:
A new Governor and Lt. Governor will be elected.  There will be a substantial number of newly-elected (first term) legislators in Raleigh in January.  This year, 11 Senators and 39 House Representatives are retiring out of 170 legislators, which represents over 500 years of legislative experience.



Governor & Council of State - Responding Candidates
Office Candidate Name Party Affiliation
Liutenant Governor Linda D. Coleman Democrat
State Treasurer Janet Cowell Democrat
State Treasurer Steve Royal Republican
State Auditor Beth A. Wood Democrat
Commissioner of Labor John C. Brooks Democrat
Supt. of Public Instruction June Atkinson Democrat
Commissioner of Agriculture Walter Smith Democrat


NC Senate - Responding Candidates
District # Candidate Name Party Affiliation
24 Brandon Black Libertarian
9 Deb Butler Democrat
46 Richard Evey Libertarian
39 Jack Flynn Democrat
38 Joel Ford Democrat
23 Ellie Kinnaird Democrat
25 Gene McLaurin II Democrat
2 Greg Muse Democrat
31 Delmas Parker Democrat
38 Richard Rivette Republican
19 George Tatum Democrat


NC House of Representatives - Responding Candidates
District # Candidate Name Party Affiliation
58 Alma Adams Democrat
77 William H. Battermann Democrat
92 Robin Bradford Democrat
32 Scott Bynum Republican
43 Diana Carroll Republican
86 Jim Cates Democrat
106 Carla Cunningham Democrat
83 Jerome Fleming Democrat
50 Valerie Foushee Democrat
20 Tom Gale Democrat
44 Rick Glazier Democrat
110 Lewis B. Guignard Jr. Libertarian
72 Edward (Ed) Hanes Jr. Democrat
38 Yvonne Lewis Holley Democrat
70 Pat B. Hurley Republican
56 Verla Insko Democrat
40 William (Watt) Jones Democrat
2 Timothy Karan Republican
49 Keith Karlsson Democrat
53 Joe E. Langley Democrat
42 Marvin Lucas Democrat
30 Paul Luebke Democrat
64 Morris McAdoo Democrat
117 Chuck McGrady Republican
41 Jim Messina Democrat
35 Lori B. Millberg Democrat
74 David W. Moore Democrat
99 Rodney W. Moore Democrat
41 Tom Murry Republican
55 Dale Nelson Democrat
65 William Osborne Democrat
34 Deborah K. Ross Democrat
19 Emilie Swearingen Democrat
93 Cullie Tarleton Democrat
61 Ron Weatherford Democrat
116 Jane Whilden Democrat
62 Kent P. Wilsey Libertarian
115 Susan E. Wilson Democrat
54 Cathy Wright Republican


Non-Responding Candidates

Governor & Council of State

NC Senate

NC House of Representatives