Women in Clean Energy 2020 Campaign

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Around the world, the energy industry remains one of the most gender-imbalanced sectors according to the United States Agency for International Development. However, in clean energy, the percentage of women is growing. North Carolina is a leader in clean energy and with that status comes amazing opportunities for women to be leaders in all sectors of clean energy.

The Women in Clean Energy (WICE) initiative, an project of NCSEA, offers women the opportunity to excel in North Carolina’s clean energy industry by fostering support, camaraderie, and knowledge sharing. In less than two years, WICE has grown its network to over 400 women, and created a mentorship program with participants across the country. Our goal is to increase the gender diversity within the clean energy sector and to ensure equal opportunity for all who want cleaner air and a thriving economy.

But we’ve only just begun! The only way to continue hosting fun networking events like our Galentine’s Day party and developing programs like our Women in Clean Energy Mentorship Program, is through our generous friends. Our network is filled with people and organizations who share our mission to make the clean energy industry more gender-balanced, and we are counting on you to help us keep WICE alive and thriving.

In the next year, we want to expand WICE even more and launch a leadership development program specifically for women in North Carolina’s clean energy industry. Through this program, participants will hear stories from professional women, learn ways to advocate for themselves in a predominantly male field, and make connections with other women in North Carolina’s clean energy industry.

Please support the women in this state who are entering this industry and aim to keep our air clean and our economy thriving! We are so excited to continue growing our initiative to equip women with the skills and knowledge they need to begin or advance their career in clean energy in North Carolina.

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