NCSEA advocates for and advances public policy, regulation, and market solutions that increase clean energy deployment and the economy. Our advocacy focuses on educating decision-makers to develop smart public policy, considering the interest of all stakeholders’ energy needs. Our thought leadership and creation of a space for productive stakeholder discussion shapes the future of clean energy in North Carolina. We aim to create an energy vision for the state that enhances the consumer experience and allows for competition. of all stakeholders.  

Inclusiveness Initiative 
The clean energy industry should represent the ethnic, geographic, gender, and cultural diversity of North Carolina.


Sector and Working Groups  

NCSEA convenes stakeholders across a variety of clean energy technologies and sectors throughout the year to identify and address policy barriers and challenges. Through discussion, stakeholders find the best ways to develop and advance opportunities in the market.

Policy Engagement 
NCSEA advocates for supportive clean energy policies through all government and legislative venues. NCSEA’s Transformation Through Policy team intervenes in the regulatory dockets at the NC Utilities Commission, lobbies the NC General Assembly on behalf of clean energy interests and our policy knowledge is guided by our business members and partners.


Market Innovation

NCSEA's accomplished Market Innovation Team works with stakeholders to provide analytics and market insights to achieve clean energy goals.

Have Clean Energy Questions? 

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