End of Year Fundraising Campaign

2020 has been a year of challenges and surprises for many across our nation and the globe. Though we each experienced this year differently, we have one thing in common - we went through it all  together. In a way, clean energy is the same. Different people interact with clean energy in different ways, but we share the common truth that clean energy impacts each and every one of us.

Whether you're aware of it or not, clean energy is working for you  right now. How? Well, take a look:


There are more than 3,400 energy efficient buildings in North Carolina and 856 of them house businesses who’ve adopted clean energy.   


A total of 125 schools/universities have adopted clean energy in North Carolina and 7 of those institutions registered clean energy systems this year.   


About 55 medical centers and hospitals across the state have installed clean energy systems.   

The  Environment

Clean energy is continuously creating cleaner air and water for the people and wildlife of North Carolina to enjoy.


Clean energy is changing the lives of North Carolina residents every single day. Dr. Sonal Arora in Cary has been saving approximately $250-$300 each month on gas and his home electric bills since becoming a solar adopter.


Despite the challenges brought by this year,  NCSEA  continued  to fulfill its mission  to drive public policy  and economic development  for  sustainable energy  through  engagement with  our  individual and business  members,  our advocacy efforts,  our collection of data that  helps to  inform  decision makers,  our partnerships with  nonprofits and government entities,  as well as through  our  commitment to telling the clean energy stories  of North Carolina residents  from all walks of life.  We  continue the  fight for affordable, reliable, and accessible clean energy  for North Carolinians because we know it’s the best option for our state and country.  The data supports this, and we want to close out 2020 by  sharing all of the ways that  clean energy works for ALL.

Given  everything we’ve accomplished  during  this  challenging  year, we are optimistic and excited for  the amazing things to come in 2021.  But,  we cannot do this important work alone.  We  invite  you to join our efforts  to continue building a clean energy future that works for all North Carolinians  by giving a tax-deductible donation  before  Thursday, December 31, 2020.    

What you give today helps to secure reliable and affordable clean energy for North Carolinians tomorrow.

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