Utilities Law & Project Financing

Utilities law is unique – and an important driver our state’s energy landscape – for several reasons. First, utilities are highly regulated. In addition, the field requires knowledge of a range of actors, including: the investor-owned utilities (IOUs), municipal-owned utilities and rural cooperatives – often across state lines. The legal work involves expertise in laws, policies and practices that pertain to rate cases, project approvals, mergers and acquisitions and other regulatory matters before the NC Utilities Commission (NCUC).

That’s why NCSEA is proud to have helped launch the utilities law specialization in North Carolina and enhance the credibility of our ongoing regulatory work. However, our engagement in this arena doesn’t stop there: NCSEA holds continuing professional development opportunities in renewable energy each year through our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses.

Continuing Legal Education

NCSEA’s annual CLEs focus on the multiple legal considerations involved in getting a renewable energy project financed. These courses cover issues such as site control, permitting, contracting to sell a project’s output, the arrangements of a project and the steps to connect to the electric grid.

Continuing Professional Education

NCSEA’s hosts a Clean Energy Finance annually each fall to review the major financial changes in the clean energy industry. Topics have included the mergers and acquisitions in the utility-scale solar industry, changes to the available financing methods for developing projects, and financing for emerging sectors such as energy storage, biogas, and electric vehicles.

"The course was excellent and perhaps the best CLE I have attended in my lengthy career. I was extremely impressed with the panels and how very knowledgeable they were. It was not a CLE for newcomers but for persons in the field, and I think that was representative of the audience, it was spot on. A job very well done.”

- 2015 CLE Attendee 

"Great job. NCSEA events are top notch!"

"Move quickly, knowledgeable speakers, good audience feed back."

"All speakers were great!"

- 2016 CPE Attendees

"I thought the presentation was very helpful and on point. The location, food, and logistics were excellent."

- 2015 CLE Attendee 

"Overall an excellent program. Region focused was a good idea, though the presentations would have been more helpful if more "how to" oriented rather than list descriptions of programs and development."

- 2016 CLE Attendee


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