While North Carolina is not well-suited to generate electricity from geothermal power, it is still able to use it as energy efficiency. Ground source heat pumps (“GSHPs”) are energy efficient clean energy technologies which transfer heat to or from the ground for heating and cooling purposes.

With continued support and increased engagement among stakeholders in business, regulatory and policy realms, the geothermal industry can continue to grow and diversify the clean energy market in North Carolina. Stakeholder engagement can address the questions and fill in current data gaps to create business certainty and encourage an increasing number of homes and businesses to install this high efficiency heating and cooling technology.

NCSEA’s Geothermal Sector Group focuses on the following goals:

  1. Determining how being considered as energy efficiency may present more opportunities, i.e. energy efficiency programs and meeting REPS compliance;
  2. Understanding the importance and limits to being considered a renewable energy resource;
  3. Access to utility-based energy efficiency programs and rebates;
  4. Financial incentives; and,
  5. Understanding who we need to educate (general public, decision-makers) and what we need to educate them about.

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