The kinetic energy of tides, waves, and ocean currents represent an untapped and powerful energy resource. But while access to the ocean is plentiful because of North Carolina’s long and shallow coastline, there are still questions to be answered about marine hydrokinetic energy before it can be fully developed as a mature resource.

North Carolina cannot match the investment and research opportunities for marine energy opportunities present in Europe, but North Carolina researchers can improve wave energy devices by testing them in an open ocean environment here in our state.

NCSEA’s Hydropower/Marine Sector Group focuses on the following goals:

  1. Understanding how much renewable energy can be harnessed in the ocean, what types of devices should collect the energy and how they work within a marine environment;
  2. Communicating the research in the nascent field of marine hydrokinetic energy; and,
  3. Working collaboratively with other partners and organizations.


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