Director of Electric Vehicle Policy

Organization: Electrification Coalition
Date Posted: 12/1/2019
Location: Washington, D.C.
Country: United States
Primary Category: EV
Type of Position: Full-Time
Education Requirement: Bachelor's
Experience Requirement: 6+ years

Description and Detail

About The Electrification Coalition 

The Electrification Coalition (EC) is a national, nonpartisan not-for-profit organization committed to promoting policies and actions that facilitate the accelerated deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) on a mass scale. For more than 10 years, the EC and its sister organization, Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), have sought to reduce our nation’s dependence on oil – which is currently responsible for powering 92 percent of our transportation system.

2018 and 2019 have been exciting years for the EC, where we have created and contributed to some of the most innovative public-private partnerships in transportation electrification including our work on behalf of the American Cities Climate Challenge, the award-winning Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative, the Smart City Challenge and numerous other initiatives. The EC also leads and supports a broad suite of policies and initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels that are contributing to the accelerated electrification of the transportation and mobility sector.

The Opportunity

The EC currently seeks to hire a highly skilled and entrepreneurial Director of Electric Vehicle Policy located at our office in Washington, D.C. The Director position is a new and exciting leadership position with the organization. The Director of Electric Vehicle Policy will coordinate the planning and execution of projects and policy work to support the EC’s mission of accelerating the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles on a mass scale.

The Director will help lead and support the coordination of key partners, consultants, and staff, working closely with all stakeholders to lead EV policy work at the city, state, and federal level. The Director is responsible for developing, leading, and executing tasks and deliverables that will meet or exceed project metrics, ensuring that key processes and outcomes are completed.

The Director will also support the development of strategic partnerships with potential Electrification Coalition partners by presenting at conferences and events that will increase the presence of the organization in the broader electric vehicle community. The Director will be based out of Electrification Coalition’s office in Washington, D.C.

The Director is a member of the senior leadership team for the EC and collaborates with the National Director and other senior EC staff to help set the goals and objectives that enable the EC to meet its mission. The Director will also work with the SAFE policy team members as well as federal and state advocates who are pushing EV policy, such as tax credits. This position will also have considerable contact and communication with community-based groups, elected officials, city agency representatives, and many other external partners.

Key Responsibilities

  • EV Policy Leadership: Identifying and assessing emerging policy and research gaps in the field, potential innovations, and opportunities for transportation electrification.
  • Research and Analysis: Overseeing and supporting project and policy research, collecting (or overseeing collection of) and analyzing original and secondary data, and developing policy reports and other products.
  • Engagement and Mobilization of Stakeholders: Leading the EC’s work to position ourselves, our partners, and our agenda strategically and powerfully with policymakers and influencers at the state and local level.
  • Development and Support of EC Programs: Project planning, goal setting, strategic coordination, resource management and tracking. Leading/supporting the development and implementation of select projects.
  • Management of Local and Remote Staff: Being responsible for managing program and policy staff, interns, and consultants.
  • Managing Technical and Policy Trainings: Lead EV policy training and support for EC staff and key partner organizations.
  • Policy Network Engagement: Pursuing network partners to expand the reach and impact of key policy and program initiatives. Participating/presenting at conferences and events as appropriate and occasionally coordinating the outward-facing messaging for the program in media, website, and online assets.
  • Coordination Within SAFE/EC Departments, Particularly Policy and Government Affairs: Coordinating EV policy with SAFE so that there are no conflicting policy goals and in many cases driving EV policy for SAFE to promote amongst its advocates, including business and military leaders on the Energy Security Leadership Council.

Professional Skills and Qualifications 

  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree or equivalent work experience encouraged.
  • 6+ years of experience in developing or leading public policy efforts.
  • Experience coordinating or supporting all parts of a policy campaign: communications, administrative, planning, budgeting, partner recruitment, events, and political relationships.
  • Experience coordinating state and federal policy programs.
  • Ability to analyze and articulate legal concepts and other complex issues and to communicate them to a variety of audiences; a “quick study” on a dynamic array of issues.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the EV market, and existing state/industry relationships to leverage.
  • Demonstrated policy analysis and report development capabilities.
  • Direct experience developing policy concepts and programs to support successful implementation.
  • Strong ability to develop and manage relationships to support priority areas of work.
  • Ability to manage multiple program staff, consultants, and interns.
  • Strong ability to work with partners that represent broad interests including government staff and elected officials, corporations, non-profit groups, academia, and volunteers.
  • Ability to act as spokesperson for key initiatives in the media and at public events.

Additional Qualities Preferred

  • Excellent advocacy, coalition-building, and leadership skills; demonstrated ability to work collegially and collaboratively with other staff and other organizations; demonstrated ability to work with groups and individuals across the political spectrum.
  • The ability to produce consistent, quality work in a fast-paced environment.
  • An adaptable and flexible nature that can change projects quickly but still hold priorities.
  • Ability to work independently without close oversight, but also be a team player who will productively engage with others at varying levels of seniority within and outside of SAFE/EC.
  • Strong entrepreneurial/opportunistic approach to work and programs.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills, with exceptional attention to detail.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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