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North Carolina's Energy Mix+

As noted in the graphic above, clean energy resources make up a small portion of North Carolina’s total energy generation mix – 8.33% as of December 2016*. While far from being the dominant energy source in our state, clean energy has come a long way in just the past decade: the number of clean energy resources powering North Carolina’s electric grid has grown over 125% since 2007.

This small but growing portion of our energy mix has made a big impact across the state. In addition to providing safe, reliable electricity to our grid, clean energy projects benefit North Carolinians in the form of lower electric bills, jobs, and expanded local tax bases.

North Carolina's developing clean energy success story has especially taken shape in the past decade, thanks to common-sense energy policies that allow clean energy technologies to compete in our highly-regulated, monopoly electricity market. Read more on why policies matter here.


+North Carolina is also home to clean energy projects, such as wind energy, which generate energy that is exported to other states’ grids.
*Clean energy generation contributed to 3.68% of NC’s energy mix in 2007; 8.33% as of December 2016. Source: EIA