Office Assistants


Nickname: Prince Caspian, Cappy, Cappers, Boogers, Sweet Boy 

Age: 3 years

Human Companion: Kristi 

Positions: Official Security Guard of the Matthews Residence, Leader of Morning Walks, Part time Covid-19 Counselor to the Matthews family members

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Stealing Mom’s hair ties (they taste good) and sneaking in the guest room and jumping in the middle of the pillows to make myself a new bed. 

You'd be surprised to know: I get my name from a ghost shape on my back. I'm scared of thunder, tree frogs and fluffy animals.


Age: 9 years

Human Companion: Peter 

Position: Chief of Security (mainly from the mailman or squirrels) 

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Sleeping through meetings.

Funny story: I frequently appear over Peter’s shoulder during video meetings. 


Nickname: Roll

Age: 12

Human Companion: Matt 

Position: Chief of the Creepy Crawlies

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Escaping out of my crate. I get to free roam for about 20-30 minutes before Matt finds me!

Funny story: One time I got out of my jail cell (or as my owner Matt likes to call it “my tank”), crawled up on my buddy Lily’s back (Lily is black pit/lab mix), and rode her around the house like a horse without her even noticing! My owner couldn’t stop laughing!! 



Age: 3 years

Human Companion: Daniel Parker 

Position: Chief Sniffer  

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Not understanding personal space.  

You'd be surprised to know: I ran 92 races during my previous career in Florida. 


Nickname: Stella Luna

Age: 2 (ish) years 

Human Companion: Laura 

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Wanting to play while boss is on Skype calls.

Funny story: I was afraid to swim so "boss" encouraged me until my fear was overcome. Now I LOVE to "swim" but, um, can't really swim much. There are lots of cases of "boss" jumping in water to retrieve me. 

Lesson: If dog is reluctant to swim, don't teach them.


Age: 4 months

Human Companion: Ian 

Position: Puppy food distribution warehouse manager

Work Schedule: On call 24/7 (but never returns calls)

Favorite thing about coming to work: Belly rubs from my Daddy. 

You'd be surprised to know: I have learned to slow down at mealtime since I was surprised with a puzzle bowl. I have been adapting well to this change, and it has been interesting to see me gain efficiencies in food retrieval techniques such as knocking a full cup of food to the floor and out of server’s hand before it reaches the bowl! #puppystrategy101 

JordanBilly (1)

In Loving Memory of Billy (2007-2021)

Nickname: King Billy

Human Companion: Jordan


Age: 9 months

Human Companion: Kristi 

Positions: Classroom Pet for the Matthews Virtual Schoolhouse 

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Stinking up the house and throwing my bedding into my water bowl.

You'd be surprised to know: I give my owners high fives before breakfast and dinner, and I can read.


Milo and Luna

Nickname: My and Loon

Age: 1 year

Human Companion: Jerry 


Milo: Shower Water Quality Assessor

Luna: Assistant Bedsheet Changer and Inspector  

Always getting in trouble with the boss for:

Milo: Drinking water out of anything but my water dish.

Luna: Waking the house up at 3 am to play. 

Funny story: When we first arrived to Jerry's home as kittens, we found a tiny hole under the lower kitchen cabinets that Jerry was unaware of, and we climbed in. Jerry thought he was going to have to cut a hole in the cabinets to get us out. Even a fresh can of cat food wouldn't entice us to come out. Jerry finally persuaded us out with a can of tuna. 


Nickname: Rubes 

Age: Unknown 

Human Companion: Daniel Brookshire

Position: Food on floor vacuum 

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Eating crayons, candles, Play Doh, gross things, and anything potentially edible really. 

You'd be surprised to know: I look like I'm part corgi but my DNA test found no Corgi and that I'm mostly Labrador.


Nickname: Scaredy Boy, Linus

Age: 1 year

Human Companion: Ashley 

Positions: Professional napper, part-time bug hunter, aspiring Olympic swimmer 

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Poor time management skills. I frequently sleep through the majority of the workday, and when I'm not sleeping, I socialize with everybody and distract them from their work.

You'd be surprised to know: When Ashley goes to Starbucks, she likes to bring me a puppy drink. Now I think every Starbucks cup is for me! Even if Ashley's reusable cup is filled with water, I like to knock it over just in case there is something yummy inside for me. One day at the dog park, I even jumped in a stranger’s lap to try and get a taste of their coffee!  


Nickname: SofDog

Age: 2ish years

Human Companion: Sarah 

Position: Schedule keeper/alarm clock, morale booster

Always getting in trouble with the boss for:  Trying to steal the coffee (which could explain why she keeps falling asleep on conference calls).

You'd be surprised to know: I howl with my humans whenever I hear sirens! Even once the siren noise dies down, I sing back and forth with them to my heart's content. We are pretty sure our neighbors are quite impressed.



Nickname: The “unguided missile” 

Age: 15 months 

Human Companion: Jordan 

Position: Hype-woman

Always getting in trouble with the boss for: Jumping on human friends. 

You'd be surprised to know: I believe all animals, human or otherwise, are on this planet to be my very best friend.