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Everyone benefits along the path to a resilient, affordable clean energy future. Those benefits come in many different packages, from economic to health-related. Learn more about the six ways North Carolina is better off with clean energy here.

Clean energy investments lower customer bills

Facebook: Clean energy policies, like the REPS, make up less than $1 on most customers’ average $100+ monthly bill. Even including this charge, NC customers saved approx. $8 on their 2014 electric bills. And these charges are also keeping our future bills down: a 2015 report estimates $651M saved by 2029, thanks to clean energy’s presence in our energy mix.

Twitter: Increased #cleanenergy adoption and investments among the business community lowers all of our power bills. via @nccleanenergy

Clean energy builds, sustains and grows the local economy

Facebook: Homegrown clean energy projects mean more jobs & revenues stay in North Carolina and less money flows to out-of-state fossil fuel companies

Twitter: In 2016, #cleanenergy accounted for over 34K jobs in North Carolina.


Clean energy makes us more secure

Facebook: Clean energy can help both the military and our first responders, like firefighters, stay operational during emergencies that interrupt the rest of the grid.

Twitter: Fixed costs of #cleanenergy protect us from fluctuating fossil fuel costs. via @nccleanenergy


Clean energy enables us to be better stewards of the land

FacebookClean energy is a natural response to the moral call of many religions to care for the earth we’ve been given

Twitter: When tended to and cared for, our land is better positioned to serve future generations well. via @nccleanenergy

Clean energy is the most fair and just solution to our shared energy needs

Facebook: Clean energy reduces the negative economic, environmental, and cultural impacts of fossil-fuel dependence to underserved communities.

Twitter: Studies show most traditional power plants are located in poorer areas, resulting in lower property values & increased health risks.


Clean energy is good for our health and wellbeing

Facebook: More clean energy means less exposure to harmful emissions and less consumption of natural resources

Twitter: More #cleanenergy means fewer illnesses and other conditions caused or exacerbated by harmful traditional energy byproducts via @nccleanenergy


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