North Carolina’s diverse clean energy economy has experienced tremendous growth, particularly in the past decade. However, for a variety of factors, not all industry sectors have matured in scale at the same rate. In addition, some of the more established sectors face market and policy hurdles that threaten to impede their path forward. NCSEA is committed to helping emerging sectors continue to grow and advance their business footprints in our state and region.

To this end, NCSEA's business model includes convening clean energy sectors such as energy storage, biogas, wind, utility-scale solar, customer-scale solar, geothermal heat pumps, and electric vehicles in two capacities: sector groups and working groups. While unique in practice and implementation, both convenings include collaborative dialogues that address strategies for deploying a thriving market and identifying policy initiatives that remove obstacles to each sector's development.

NCSEA Working Groups at a Glance

  • Formal convenings throughout the year
  • Participants include select NCSEA members as well as non-member state/regional influencers in the field
  • Work together in closed meetings to produce actionable next steps that inform a work plan

NCSEA Sector Groups at a Glance:

  • Fluid dialogue and gatherings at least twice per year
  • Open participation among members who identify with each sector
  • Work together in open members-only meetings to tackle individual solutions as they support over-arching goals of the sector
  • NCSEA works to understand the issues each sector faces and ensures they are portrayed to decision-makers

NCSEA's Sector and Working Groups

Energy Storage

Commercial Solar

Electric Vehicles

Utility-scale Solar

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