Indoor airPLUS & Green Built Homes: Green Built Alliance Fall 2021 Workshop

Nov 18, 2021 2:00PM—4:00PM




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Learn about the indoor air quality requirements of two popular green-building certification programs: Indoor airPLUS and Green Built Homes.

About this event

This course covers the indoor air quality requirements of two popular green building certification programs: EPA’s Indoor airPLUS and Green Built Homes. 

Indoor airPLUS is an add-on certification that brings indoor air quality requirements to the popular Energy Star New Homes program. Green Built Homes is a comprehensive green building program that involves prerequisites and an optional points system, of which indoor air quality is an important part. 

The course will discuss the requirements of both programs, and strategies for meeting them. These include important topics such as radon, combustion safety, moisture management, low-emitting materials, and ventilation. 

Students will leave the class with the following skills:

  • Know what the Indoor airPLUS program is and how it’s administered
  • Understand the importance of whole house ventilation
  • Be able to identify common certification programs for low-emitting materials
  • Know what the Green Built Homes program is and how its scoring system works
  • Understand where to go for resources and checklists for both programs

This course has been approved as a two-hour elective course eligible for continuing-education credit through the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors, and is pending approval for credit through the American Institute of Architects. The hours additionally apply toward Green Built Alliance’s Regenerative Professional Accreditation. The class may also meet continuing-education criteria for other organizations; please email with questions related to qualifying for continuing education.