Our Team

Daniel Brookshire

Regulatory and Policy Manager 

Jerry Carey

Market Intelligence Specialist

Ian Chalmers

Senior Financial Services Manager

Karen Gardner

Director of Core Services

Jordan Jones

Manager of Communications, Engagement, and Equity

Laura Langham

Director of Market Innovation

Peter Ledford

General Counsel and Director of Policy

Ward Lenz

Executive Director

Janelle Martin

Marketing Communications Specialist

Kristi Matthews

Director of Development

Sarah McQuillan

Government Affairs Manager

Daniel Parker

Energy Data Analyst

Daniel Pate

Energy Program Manager

Samantha Radford

Web and Creative Specialist

Ben Smith

Regulatory Counsel

Victoria Somol

Member Relations and Engagement Specialist

Jacquil Toon

Administrative and Technical Specialist

Ivan Urlaub

Chief, Strategy and Innovation

Ellie Hardwick

Legal Contractor

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