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Geothermal in North Carolina

November 2019  |  Peter Ledford

A deep dive into the two main types of geothermal, it's efficiency, and how it is installed. This presentation also covers the geothermal landscape in North Carolina. Geothermal includes both Geothermal Energy and Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) technologies.

Catching up on NC Energy Policy, Regulation, and Potential Reform

November 2019  |  Ivan Urlaub  

A November 2019 update on NC energy policy, regulation, and potential reforms.

What the Heck is Blockchain Technology?

September 2018  |  Ward Lenz  

An explanation of how blockchain works, its misconceptions and associated concerns, and the potential for its use in the energy industry.

How HB589 is Transforming the Renewable Energy Market in North Carolina

January 2018  |  Peter Ledford

This presentation gives an in-depth explanation of House Bill 589 and its impacts on the renewable energy market in North Carolina.

Energy 101: Ratemaking

July 2018  |  Peter Ledford

A background on rates, followed by a guide on the mechanics. The bulk of this presentation outlines the steps to ratemaking and other ratemaking concepts.

Batteries Not Included

September 2015  |  Peter Ledford

This presentation explores various approaches to expanding the energy storage industry, potential barriers it may face, and their applications in the North Carolina

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