The Women in Clean Energy (WICE) project is an initiative initially made possible thanks to the generous support of Maria Kingery. The goal of the Women in Clean Energy project is to foster a network of support, camaraderie, and opportunity for self-identifying women in the North Carolina clean energy industry. The first stage of this project is a pilot year where NCSEA will hold a series of casual networking events across North Carolina to establish the project and a contact list of interested parties. In the future, this project could be expanded to include any number of events or programmatic elements, such as a mentorship program and/or internship program.  

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Women in Clean Energy 2020 Campaign

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About the Mentorship Program 

There are no age or career level requirements in order to be a mentor—we are simply looking for a diverse mix of ages, career stages, education levels, and focus areas.

What is expected of a WICE Mentor?

  • Meet with your Mentee once every quarter, for at least one hour.
  • Choose a meeting type that works for both of you… informal coffee or lunch meetings, job shadowing, attending events, video chat, etc.
  • Establish realistic goals and objectives for the year.
  • Follow NCSEA Mentorship guidelines and utilize the NCSEA team for support.

Connect with Women in Clean Energy 

Contact Jordan Jones at jordan@energync.org or (919) 832-7601.