Like many employment sectors, the clean energy industry does not currently reflect the demographics of society at large. The clean energy vision for the future must be inclusive of all groups, including low-income residents, people of color, and women. Because everyone uses energy and is impacted by energy generation, everyone needs to be a part of the energy conversation. In order to truly live our mission and enable the growth of a robust North Carolina clean energy ecosystem, NCSEA must take the lead in improving inclusiveness in the clean energy industry. Through NCSEA’s Inclusiveness Initiative, we aim to capture the ideas, perspectives, and voices that encompass the diverse citizenry of North Carolina. Our board and staff worked together to develop NCSEA’s Inclusiveness Principles and Commitments. These principles are core to NCSEA’s overall mission and capture our vision for our Inclusiveness Initiative.

Inclusivity is embracing diversity to achieve shared quality of life, health, and economic goals.


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