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North Carolina’s developing clean energy success story is about the people behind it.

"I have always been proud to be a North Carolinian, particularly as we moved towards
an understanding that we need to start changing how we provide energy.”
- Helen Livingston 
Solar Farm Owner in Maxton, North Carolina

"Moving to renewables and more sustainable practices has become more mainstream, and we are able to more quickly recognize issues such as climate change."

- Josh Brooks, Student, Appalachian State University

“When you realize there has been a fall in the cost of electricity because of renewable energy, and you have to say to yourself – why not? If it saves pollution– why not? If it makes the world place –why not? If it’s quiet – why not? It just makes sense.”
- Frederick Barber, Lieutenant Colonel & Graduate of Solar Ready Vets

"We’re glad that we held on to it [the land housing the solar farm] because it will continue to reap revenue for years to come that will enable us to give back to the community and minister to people in our community."

- Dennis Atwood, Pastor at Mount Olive First Baptist Church in Mount Olive, NC

“Solar has allowed the church to be good stewards of its assets, while enabling the church
to minister to the community and continue our mission. It has been a huge blessing
to the church, and as a result, a blessing to all.”

-Angelo San Fratello, First Baptist Church Trustee

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