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North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) works to enable clean energy jobs, economic opportunities, and affordable energy options for North Carolinians.

Each and every day, we work toward a vision of a North Carolina where the benefits of clean energy, including economic development opportunities, more affordable consumer bills, job growth, market exports, local tax based expansion, and an improved quality of life, are bountiful for all North Carolinians. NCSEA works with its members and partners to transform our state and region's energy system through market innovation and policy advocacy primarily in ten clean energy technology sectors: alternative fuel vehicles (primarily electric vehicles), biogas, energy efficiency, energy storage, geothermal, hydropower/marine, smart grid, solar, and wind.

In 2020 NCSEA ...


sent +150 newsletters
average open rate 30%

made 97 filings at the NCUC with 3,238 pages

shared +85 clean energy jobs

held 19 member calls

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“Having the ability to be able to work with a diverse set of partners, understanding the decision making arenas, the Utilities Commission, the Legislators, [NCSEA] is just a real key, critical partner.”

Anyone who has been a board member, staff, supporter, partner, or member with NCSEA over the last 15 years knows the opportunities and challenges we have tackled together to cultivate the opportunities of today. Since 2005, the NCSEA community has had a monumentally beneficial impact on the economy, quality of life, and energy future of North Carolina.

- Ivan Urlaub, Chief, Strategy and Innovation

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