Where We Work

State Level Legislation
& Rulemaking

Working with Local Governments

NCSEA's Policy Team works to advance and support beneficial clean energy policies through legislative, executive, and regulatory engagement throughout the year. Our work is currently focused on the following primary goals:

  • Expanding clean energy options in North Carolina for all types of customers;
  • Ensuring Duke Energy Carolinas' and Duke Energy Progress' rate structures remain fair and affordable to clean energy adopters;
  • Enabling customers to have easier access to their own energy usage data;
  • Ensuring House Bill 951 ("Energy Solutions for North Carolina") is implemented consistent with the intent of the NC General Assembly; and
  • Using evidence-based information to educate elected officials, community members, and other interested citizens about clean energy opportunities, technologies and resulting investments in communities across NC.

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Where We Work

We work across legislative, executive, and regulatory channels to advance beneficial clean energy policies.

  • We work with the NC General Assembly to ensure passage of legislation favorable to clean energy issues;
  • With the NC Utilities Commission for fair rules that encourage clean energy market development;
  • With the executive branch agencies that oversee implementation of energy policies; and
  • With local governments to establish fair regulations for clean energy.
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State Level Legislation & Rulemaking

Over the past 42 years, NCSEA has been at the forefront of advocating for policies that greatly evolved and expanded North Carolina's clean energy economy including SB3, the Renewable and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard and HB589, Competitive Energy Solutions for North Carolina. In North Carolina's regulated energy market, the rules and implementation of energy legislation are largely subject to the approval of the NC Utilities Commission. NCSEA regularly intervenes in these proceedings and other issues that come before the Commission impacting clean energy.

Learn more about the following legislation and rulemaking:

  • House Bill 589 - Competitive Energy Solutions for North Carolina 

  • Senate Bill 3 - Renewable and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard



Working with Local Governments 

Clean energy provides economic development opportunities for communities across North Carolina. When these opportunities arise, they often create questions for community members, neighbors, and local officials. NCSEA works with local governments to set fair clean energy regulations that are consistent with a community's values by providing communities with accurate information and best practices for regulating clean energy systems.

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if your community has questions about solar ordinances or other clean energy concerns.