NCGA Bills to Watch

  • HB158: Special Assessments/Critical Infrastructure
  • HB171: Change Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems
  • HB172: Include Solar Property as Nonsystem Property
  • HB264: Disqualify Certain Property from PUV
  • HB267: Utilities/Amend REPS Requirements
  • HB319: Study Solar Facility Decommissioning Rqmts
  • HB427: Efficient and Affordable Energy Rates
  • HB401: Supporting Clean Energy/Green Energy Jobs Resolution
  • HR401: House Resolution Supporting a Goal of One Hundred Percent Clean Energy by 2050 and the Creation of Green Jobs
  • HB465: Military Operations Protection Act of 2017
  • HB470: Responsible Wind Energy Development
  • HB574: Wind Energy/Consistency With Military
  • HB589: Utilities Commission Fees and Charges
  • SB 619:  JLCEP Study Grid Modernization
  • HB745: NC Energy Ratepayers Protection Act
  • HB811:  Energy Savings Incentives/State Agencies
  • HB848:  School Energy Savings Act of 2017
  • HB909: Sound Energy and Renewables Policy Act
  • SB366: Responsible Wind Energy Legislation
  • SB493: C-PACE
  • SB487: Increase Energy Efficiency/REPS
  • SB619: JLCEP Study Grid Modernization
  • SB331:  Military Operations Protection Act of 2017
  • SB493: C-PACE


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