Updates to Commercial Net Metering in North Carolina (Date has been changed from 7/20 to 7/27)

Jul 27, 2023 2:00PM—3:00PM



Cost Free

As part of the current rate cases in front of the NC Utilities Commission, Duke Energy Carolinas has proposed new tariffs that would impact size and compensation for commercial solar installations in North Carolina. Join NCSEA, along with the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network (SSDN) and Ceres to discuss what these changes could mean for your business or organization and potential solutions to continue providing a pathway for rooftop solar deployment in the state.*Please Note* This meeting is for NCSEA, SSDN, and Ceres members only.  


  • Introduction from hosting organizations 
  • Short overview on potential changes to commercial solar rates 
    • Duke Energy is proposing a new rate design for all new nonresidential renewable energy installations using net energy metering in its service territory, which includes: 
      • A requirement that customers must be served under a rate schedule that includes TOU periods; 
      • a new three-part demand charge structure; 
      • changes to existing standby charges; and 
      • increasing system size limits to 5MW (or customer demand) for customer-owned generation 
      • Grandfathering provision runs through 2033
  • Facilitated conversation with meeting attendees 
    • How will this impact your business or organization? 
    • What rate design structures do your projects or potential future projects need to be successful? 
    • What have you seen work well for commercial net metering? 
  • Conclusion, wrap-up, and next steps