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105,370 jobs, $31.3B in clean energy investments, and millions of dollars in property tax revenue generated for some of the most economically distressed counties across North Carolina. These are just some of the highlights of the robust clean energy economy we’ve built together in North Carolina.

However, we’re at an inflection point in our clean energy transition. North Carolina is sliding down the leaderboards on solar deployment, we’re seeing attempts to roll back the success of our renewable energy and energy efficiency policies, attempts to erode opportunities for on-site customer generation resources, and new roadblocks preventing the state from updating our woefully outdated building codes. Efforts like these slow down the inevitable transition to energy resources that are cleaner, cheaper, and help reinvest in rural and urban communities across our state.

We need your help. As we go into 2024, NCSEA and our partners across the clean energy ecosystem are going to fight for commonsense policy that accelerates our pursuit of an electricity grid comprised of 100% clean resources, a fully electrified transportation sector, and a built environment that has a net-zero impact on our carbon emissions. Your support will ensure that our team is well-equipped to advocate for bipartisan, forward-thinking policies at the NC General Assembly and NC Utilities Commission. Make your gift today.


Carbon emissions reduction mandate by 2030


EVs on the Road by 2030 – Goal Established by Governor Roy Cooper


of Installed Solar Capacity


In the Nation in Installed Solar

Clean Energy Jobs in North Carolina

“Join NCSEA in this moment as we work to collectively advance opportunities for clean energy market expansion in our state. As we think about a future in which 100% of our electricity comes from clean, renewable sources, all our vehicles produce no tailpipe emissions, and our built environment is carbon free, it’s important to step back and recognize the opportunities these technologies unlock for all North Carolinians across the board. This fight isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions – it's about reinvesting in our communities and putting people’s hard-earned dollars back in their pockets. In a future dependent on clean, on-site generation, people will no longer have to make the decision between paying their electricity bills or putting food on the table for their families. Individuals will have the opportunity to choose how and where they produce their power and have ownership over how much they pay. North Carolinians in our most economically distressed parts of the state will have new unforeseen opportunities to work in clean energy and profit from the waves of clean energy-related investments being made in North Carolina. Our state and region will be an example to the rest of the country as to how clean technologies can transform our grid and our lives for the better.

But this future isn’t possible without the work of organizations like NCSEA and our many partners. We fight every day to ensure that decision-makers see and understand these possibilities, while defending the progress we’ve made to date.

I’m calling on you to help us capitalize on the progress we’ve already made, while reimagining and envisioning a 100% clean future. Join us today in building that future by considering a gift to NCSEA.”
- Matt Abele, Interim Executive Director

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“Having the ability to be able to work with a diverse set of partners, understanding the decision-making arenas, the Utilities Commission, the legislators, [NCSEA] is just a real key, critical partner.” - Brian Buzby, NC Conservation Network

“Rooftop solar is the most efficient and simple way to reduce our dependence on traditional energy sources. It helps reduce the strain on the electrical grid and lasts for decades with little to no maintenance. 8M Solar is proud to be a leader in the North Carolina residential and commercial solar revolution and NCSEA has been a great partner in helping ensure policies stay favorable for continued proliferation of clean energy across the state and region.” - Usman Noor, 8M Solar 

“Carolina Solar Energy engages with communities across the state to enable North Carolina to create an affordable and sustainable energy future. Our team relies on policy and market insights provided by NCSEA to highlight opportunities for additional solar development within the state. Thanks to collaborative partnerships like this, Carolina Solar Energy has been able to contribute to a thriving clean energy ecosystem that has propelled North Carolina to a national leader in installed solar capacity.” - Carson Harkrader, CEO of Carolina Solar Energy 

Make a gift today to help advance commonsense clean energy policy. Your gift reaffirms the importance of clean energy to North Carolina’s economy and the significant role it will play in a 100% clean future.