2022 Annual Giving Campaign

For generations, North Carolinians, along with visitors from across the world, have reveled in the natural beauty of our state from the mountains to the coast. For ages, our ancestors have protected these places so that we could enjoy them as much as they did. Now, it’s our turn to share that same favor with our children and their children after that.

This is your opportunity to support a cleaner future to ensure that same pristine mountainscape or sandy dune is still around for generations to come. NCSEA is helping to protect that future by advocating for clean, renewable technologies to power our homes, businesses, and means of transportation. The widespread proliferation of these technologies can lead to happier and healthier lives and breathe a sense of fresh air into our mountains, coasts, and everywhere in between. We believe this is a beautiful thing.

Give a tax-deductible donation by December 31 to help us achieve our goal of $50,000.


of Installed Renewable Energy Capacity


Homes Powered by Renewable Energy

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fueling Stations in North Carolina

LEED® Certified Buildings

Clean energy jobs are in effect (as of 2021)—ensuring that upon completion of their education, our children have a strong workforce awaiting them

The Beauty of Clean Energy

Beauty can be found in the shining monocrystalline solar panel mounted on a roof, in a towering nacelle of a powerful wind turbine, in the escape of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or in the smiles of a family finally living in an energy-efficient, safe, and affordable home.

Here at NCSEA, we are excited to celebrate the beauty of clean energy and the positive impact it has on our state’s environment. We feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful, diverse state; a state of wonder and exploration, and a state that is proud of and devoted to protecting our natural surroundings. Clean energy is beautiful because it helps to protect those places that we hold so near and dear to our hearts.

To continue preserving the natural beauty of our state and its unparalleled landscape, NCSEA is working hard to ensure clean energy production, energy efficiency, and electric transportation can thrive in North Carolina.  This means taking the necessary steps to remove existing barriers and advocating for new policies and regulations that ignite growth, market competition, and create new jobs across the state.  We cannot accomplish the clean energy vision of the future without help from people like you. Your support helps to ensure that clean energy has a leg up in the halls of the General Assembly and the hearing room at the utilities commission. It’s through this work that we can further beautify North Carolina with additional clean energy jobs, economic opportunities, and affordable energy options for all.


GOAL: $50,000

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Please consider donating today to assist in making our state as clean, beautiful, energy-efficient, and economically successful as possible. As the caretakers of this beautiful state, we call home, we must ramp up our efforts to ensure North Carolina remains as picturesque and as beautiful as it has ever been.

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“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” —Lady Bird Johnson 

"Making sure that every community has access to clean energy jobs and the economic benefits that come along with that transition to a clean energy future. It’s exciting to see these next steps, and I think that this focus on making sure that communities aren’t left behind, that they’re experiencing those benefits as we transition, is really a pivotal point." —Secretary Elizabeth Biser

“Here in North Carolina, we can talk about the economics of clean energy, the jobs it’ll create, the fact that clean energy is coming at us like an electric freight train, and we need to be ready to get on board here in North Carolina. We have the infrastructure, we have the talent, we have the people. Now we’ve got to have the will to do the things to get ready for the clean energy economy that’s going to put a lot of money in people’s pockets.”  —Governor Roy Cooper

“We’re number 3 in the country in solar energy; it has created over 100,000 jobs, it’s giving rural farmers another source of income, and it has provided, I think, some strong infrastructure for renewable energy in the future.”  —Governor Roy Cooper