Policy Campaigns

NCSEA's Policy Team works to advance and support beneficial clean energy policies through legislative, executive, and regulatory engagement throughout the year. The following fundraisers support our policy goals.

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Modeling for NCSEA’s Carbon Plan Comments

NCSEA is seeking $75K to engage a well-respected contractor to engage in Duke’s carbon plan stakeholder process modeling of new generation build-out to accompany and inform NCSEA’s comments on Duke’s carbon plan. The modeling has to be complete by July 15, 2022 and it is imperative to have this service completed because history has shown that Duke will undervalue clean energy resources in its own modeling and prefer technologies such as natural gas and nuclear. This first carbon plan proceeding is going to be pivotal, and will likely set a pathway for new generation construction for the next decade.

Goal $75,000

Net Metering Initial Comments

NCSEA is seeking $35K to procure services to provide expert analytical support in the new net metering proceeding. Specifically, NCSEA is hiring this expert to support the compromise reached by NCSEA, other solar advocates, and Duke Energy. Engaging this expert is necessary because we expect attacks from all sides, with some parties saying that the compromise is too favorable to utilities and some saying it is too favorable to solar adopters, and we need to demonstrate that the compromise is reasonable and the best path forward.

Goal $35,000

Smart Saver Solar Energy Efficiency Comments

NCSEA is seeking $45K to procure services from a well-respected expert to represent NCSEA in the Duke Energy Smart Saver Solar energy efficiency program proceeding. Specifically, NCSEA is hiring this expert to represent us in the proceeding and to negotiate with the Public Staff. The work is imperative for this project because we expect the Public Staff to vigorously oppose the incentive for solar, and our choice expert is the former lead attorney for the Public Staff and is the best suited person in North Carolina to work against their attacks.

Goal $45,000

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