North Carolina is home to over 25 clean energy powered breweries, distilleries, and wineries.

Celebrating Clean Energy Powered Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

There are more than 900 business-owned renewable energy projects across North Carolina, including over 25 breweries, distilleries, wineries, and distributors that are generating energy via the sun and wind – and becoming more energy efficient. Joining a fast-growing trend among businesses, big and small nationwide, North Carolina's breweries, distilleries and wineries are making significant investments in clean energy to save money, deliver greater predictability to their energy bills, and meet their customers' expectations. We salute these companies for their clean energy leadership!


Clean Energy Powered Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries Across NC


Innovation Brewing
120 kW Solar PV System
Sylva, NC

Apothecary Beverage
9.94 kW Solar PV System

French Broad Brewery
3.84 kW Ground-mount Solar System

Highland Brewing Company
250 kW Solar PV System

Asheville, NC

New Belgium Brewing Company
LEED-Certified Building
EV Charging Stations
18.81 kW Solar PV System

Twin Leaf Brewery
Wind System
10 kW Solar PV System

Asheville, NC

Lake James Cellars Winery
29 kW Solar PV System
Glen Alpine, NC

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company    
LEED-Certified Building
EV Charging Stations
600 kW Solar PV System
Fletcher, NC

Oak and Grist Distilling Company
14.6 kW Solar PV System
Black Mountain, NC

Appalachian Mountain Brewery
5 kW Solar PV
Boone, NC

Carolina Heritage Vineyards
6 kW Solar PV System
Elkin, NC

Birdsong Brewing Co.
75 kW Solar PV System
Charlotte, NC

RayLen Vineyards
336 kW Solar PV System
Mocksville, NC

Thirsty Souls Brewing
18.24 kW Solar PV System
Mount Airy, NC

Outer Banks Brewing Station
Wind Turbine
EV Charging Station
10 kW Solar PV System
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Trophy Brewing Company
20.5 kW Solar PV System
Raleigh NC

Wise Man Brewing
34 kW Solar PV System
Winston-Salem, N

Long Beverage Inc.
316 kW Solar PV System
Morrisville, NC

Haw River Farmhouse Ales
Solar Thermal System
Saxapahaw, NC

Mystic Farm & Distillery
44.77 kW Solar PV System
Durham, NC

Beaverdam Vineyard
9.95 kW Solar PV System
Murphy, NC

Coastal Beverage Company
300 kW Solar PV System
Pollocksville, NC

Mad Mole Brewing
28.8 kW Solar PV System
Wilmington, NC

Buchi Brewing
18.6 kW Solar PV System
Marshall, NC

Mother Earth Brewing 
6 kW Solar PV System
Kinston, NC

Mother Earth Spirits
Solar Thermal System
Kinston, NC

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“Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and central to our mission. Mother Earth provides so much for us; we strive to do our best to preserve those gifts.”

Mother Earth Brewing
Nicole Edwards


“Sustainability has been a cornerstone of our operations for 40 years. We are committed to environmental, social, and economic resiliency both within and outside our brewery walls and advocate for policies that support those values.” 

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.  

“We didn’t really set out to be a solar-powered brewery from the beginning, but we started looking into it and it made economic sense for our short and long-term budget, plus our customers strongly support solar and love seeing the panels on our roof." 

Mad Mole Brewing

Martin de Jongh

"The basic mission for Mystic Farm and Distillery is creating world class spirits from the superior grain, water and aging climate of North Carolina’s piedmont. Our 50 kW solar energy system feeds power directly into our 480v three-phase power system and run our chillers, pumps, cooling tower and other infrastructure. Since installing the system we have seen our average electric bills cut by more than half. We are looking forward to years of increasing benefits as electric rates increase across North Carolina."

Mystic Farm and Distillery

Jonathan Blitz

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