NCSEA engages utilities and advocates in structured dialogue to define challenges and assess the scope of problems related to clean energy program implementation and evaluation. When challenges can be informed and/or resolved through access to data and analytical tools, NCSEA collaborates with the utility, private firms, and sometimes academic institutions and other non-profits to design and deliver solutions. NCSEA's Utility Solutions Program includes:

  • Data Driven Decisions Analysis Initiative
  • Utility business model challenges and solutions
  • On-Bill Financing (OBF) program support

Looking ahead, NCSEA's anticipates increasing our assistance to utilities approach to any and all of the following resources by supporting data collection, data and spatial analysis, program design, financing, business model integration, rate design, and customer service delivery for:

  • Energy efficiency and demand response
  • Energy storage on the distribution grid and/or behind the customer's meter (both utility and customer-owned systems)
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure and use
  • Rooftop solar
  • Community solar and/or community scale solar
  • Geothermal ground source heat pumps