Everyone benefits along the path to a resilient, reliable, and affordable clean energy future. From economic development and job security to cleaner air and improved health, these benefits may come in different packages but together they mean good news for North Carolina.

Do you appreciate clean energy for its carbon reduction capabilities? Perhaps you love that it cuts electricity costs, or that it is a job creator for your community? There are so many ways clean energy enhances the lives of North Carolinians.

Below are six of our favorites; we invite you to dig in, read more, and find your “why”.


It Lowers Bills

How: The adoption of clean energy reduces utilities’ need to build and operate expensive new power plants.

Proof: Clean energy policies, like the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS), are saving customers money. A 2015 study by RTI International and ScottMadden found that North Carolina’s REPS policy saved customers at least $162 million between 2007-2015, and will save them an estimated additional $489 million by 2029.


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It Grows the Local Economy 

How: Clean energy attracts and supports local jobs and investments.

Proof: Clean energy activities accounted for $6.4 billion in revenues and over 34,000 jobs in 2016, according to NCSEA’s Clean Energy Industry Census.

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It Keeps us Safe and Secure

How: Clean energy increases energy independence through homegrown resources.

Proof: Duke Energy, the U.S. Department of the Navy, and the U.S. Marine Corps are building a 13MW solar facility at Camp Lejeune in Onslow County. This facility is capable of powering a micro-grid, a strong source of backup power for the military base.

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It Promotes Health and Wellness

How: Clean energy means less exposure to harmful emissions and less consumption of natural resources.

Proof: Clean energy resources, like solar and wind, have no harmful impacts on the air and water we consume. By contrast, traditional resources like coal and nuclear pass harmful, toxic byproducts back into our environment.

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It's a Fair and Just Solution

How: Clean energy reduces the negative economic, environmental, and cultural impacts of fossil-fuel dependence to underserved communities.

Proof: Studies show most traditional, fossil fuel-powered plants are located in low-income areas, resulting in reduced property values and increased health risks. Alternately, the presence of clean energy means a healthier environment and job opportunities for residents.

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It Makes us Good Stewards of the Land

How: Clean energy provides North Carolina with sustainable, clean, efficient power that does not drain natural resources.

Proof: When tended to and cared for, our land is better positioned to serve future generations well.

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