Workforce Development at NCSEA

NCSEA believes that diversity among our teammates and the energy industry as a whole is critical to our success.

A Note from the NCSEA Team:

NCSEA believes that diversity among our teammates and the energy industry as a whole is critical to our success. Workforce development and training are essential to growing diversity and a sustainable pipeline of talent in the clean energy industry, while also improving access to clean energy jobs – all central to creating a clean energy economy.

How does NCSEA contribute to workforce development in clean energy? 

Internship and Fellowship Programs

NCSEA implemented and maintains robust internship and fellowship programs, with the goal of exposing students to a variety of clean energy sectors and jobs. Through training and networking, students learn about clean energy and make connections with our members and industry partners. Many of our students go on to accept professional positions in the clean energy industry, in part because of their experiences with NCSEA.

Women in Clean Energy Mentorship

Through our Women in Clean Energy (WICE) program, we provide mentorship opportunities to women who are early in their careers or just emerging into the world of clean energy. Where the clean energy industry is still largely male-dominated, this program aims to grow the number of women in the industry, especially women of color, by encouraging professional relationships and learning opportunities for them.

Partner with HBCUs

NCSEA has developed relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in North Carolina for the purpose of introducing clean energy to diverse student populations. We annually attend career fairs, participate in student networking events, and provide paid internship opportunities to students interested in learning more about clean energy.

Share Member Opportunities

We help our members get the word out about their own career and training opportunities by sharing them on our website.

Network with Local Colleges

We routinely participate in networking and career events with North Carolina colleges and universities. It is through these opportunities that we are able to teach students about NCSEA as well as possible careers and pathways in clean energy.

While we are paving the way, we know there is so much more to do! Over the next 1-3 years, we hope to double the number of internships and fellowships we host each year, develop deeper relationships with our HBCU partners, continue to grow our mentorship opportunities through WICE, and contribute to the development of clean energy related training and curriculum.


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Perspectives from Our Former Interns and Fellows:


Sagar Shah
Energy Efficiency Fellow, 2019 and 2020

“I credit my experience at NCSEA as the catalyst for my future career in clean energy. NCSEA took a chance on me, as a first-year student in college, and I was given the support and mentorship that allowed me to make my mark. I was assigned a project that was thought to be an Excel nightmare, but with the encouragement of the NCSEA team I was able to transform the project into the foundation for the organization’s development activities. From day one, I felt a part of the uniquely collaborative, supportive, and passionate group of clean energy advocates that comprise the NCSEA staff."

Kyle Herdegen
Energy Data Solutions Intern, 2020

“I can't tell you how many times I brought up the experiences I've had at NCSEA when answering interview questions, and I'm sure they wouldn't have chosen me if not for my time working and learning at NCSEA. So, a big thank you for giving me the opportunity back in August 2020 and for teaching me along the way."


Claire Williamson
Energy Efficiency Fellow, 2019

“How to put this concisely? If you are interested in learning about the inner workings of North Carolina clean energy policy NCSEA is where you wanna be. Plus, there is a strong culture of teamwork and opportunities for interns to do meaningful and interesting projects. I got to help create an ambitious and innovative grant to bring solar power, energy storage, and energy efficiency to low wealth members of a co-op. The connections and experience I gained while at NCSEA were a big factor in how I landed my current position as Energy Policy Advocate at the NC Justice Center."

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