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NCSEA Asks Commission to Require Utilities to Include Energy Storage in Future IRPs

On March 2, NCSEA filed comments on the integrated resource plans (“IRPs”) and REPS compliance plans filed with the Utilities Commission by Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Progress, and Dominion North Carolina Power.  The plans provide a 15-year outlook on the future needs of the utilities, encompassing changes in load and additional generation requirements. NCSEA’s…

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In NC, Everyone Can Win with Third-Party Sales of Electricity

Bring Third-Party Sales to North Carolina: Call Your Legislator and Ask Them to Support House Bill 245 Today! The Energy Freedom Act introduces limited market competition for North Carolina’s electricity customers, who are currently required to purchase power from the monopoly utility that serves their community. House Bill 245 changes this dynamic, placing the power…

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Dominion’s Proposal to Terminate Contracts Presents Major Implications for North Carolina’s QFs

On October 31, 2014, Dominion North Carolina Power (“Dominion”) filed an application requesting a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) determination to not require Dominion to enter into new contracts to purchase electric energy and capacity from nine North Carolina qualifying facilities (“QFs”). Collectively, the nine QFs filed a complaint at the NC Utilities Commission to…

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