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NCSEA Market Intelligence Team Unveils Interactive Net-Metering Map

NCSEA works to provide reliable, current information about our state and region’s growing clean energy economy. Our Market Intelligence team plays a key role in this effort by serving as our hub of information and insights about the energy marketplace. The latest resource to come from our Market Intelligence team is an interactive map detailing net metering…

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Carolina Journal Advocates for Nanny-State, Government Overreach Based on Input from Europe

In its latest attempt to attack the growing solar industry in North Carolina, State Lacks Guidelines for Safe Solar Equipment Disposal, the supposedly conservative Carolina Journal cites sources that are encouraging North Carolina’s legislators to follow sweeping EU-wide directives. Rather than encouraging European-style government oversight and regulation, it would be wise to spend some time…

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NCSEA’s Regulatory Team Argues for Higher Avoided Cost Rates for QFs

NCSEA works daily to help make tomorrow’s utility a reality today. Our regulatory team puts this mission into practice at the NC Utilities Commission, where the team regularly presents persuasive evidence and high-caliber written arguments that affect sustainable energy policy action. The team’s June 22 avoided cost comments, which ask the NCUC to reconsider the…

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