Myths vs. Facts

The Truth on Wind Power: Myth vs. Fact

In 2015, wind energy was the number one source of newly installed electric power capacity in the United States. According to the American Wind Energy Association, there are approximately 1,000 utility scale wind projects – which represent 74,512 megawatts (MW) and over 48,800 wind turbines – installed across 40 U.S. states, plus Puerto Rico and Guam. There…

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Clean Energy Misunderstood: Debunking 5 Common Claims

Claim #1: NC’s Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) is a policy mandate and should be repealed; let the “free market” and customers decide the best energy sources. Fact: NC has a highly-regulated, monopoly controlled electricity market; thus, there is no free market. Since 2008, the REPS law has allowed limited market competition,…

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