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DOE Grid Study: A Missed Opportunity

This week, the Department of Energy released their much-anticipated study on grid resiliency and reliability. Unfortunately, the report follows a thesis that the reliable energy future we all want must still rely primarily on traditional, or “baseload”, forms of energy generation such as coal and nuclear. NCSEA shares the concerns of our partner organization, Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), that this…

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Recap of Energy Policy Council Meeting -August 16, 2017

This morning (August 16th), the Energy Policy Council (EPC) held its inaugural meeting under the Cooper Administration. The council met to consider adopting policies and goals to improve energy infrastructure that will be incorporated into its planning and reporting cycle. NCSEA staff, board members, and members were not only in attendance, but prominent presenters during the…

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NCSEA Wins Petition to Qualify Topping Cycle as Energy Efficiency

Combined heat and power (CHP) has been a topic of discussion for many years in North Carolina’s energy efficiency sector — particularly, topping cycle CHP because of its high efficiency and technical potential in the state. The statutory language to qualify as an energy efficiency measure has been in debate among parties, and over the past year, NCSEA has argued that existing NC Utilities Commission…

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