2018 Capacity Reached for Commercial and Residential Rebates in Duke Energy Solar Rebate Programs

Just 17 days after it began accepting applications for the Solar Rebate Program, Duke Energy today notified the Utilities Commission that the annual participation caps for 2018 have been met for residential and commercial customers. At the time of Duke Energy’s notification, there is still capacity remaining for non-profit organizations.  

In their filing, Duke Energy notes that rebate applications will continue to be accepted in the event that applications submitted prior to July 26, 2018 are rejected. At the end of this calendar year, all applications not accepted will be cancelled. Click here for more information and background about the Solar Rebate Program. 

Duke Energy also requested that the Utilities Commission allow customers who installed a solar facility between January 1, 2018 and July 26, 2018 be able to re-apply for a rebate after January 1, 2019. NCSEA believes that the fact that capacity limits were met so quickly signifies a demonstrated interest on the part of North Carolina businesses and consumers in utilizing solar energy. There is also a need to increase capacity limits on future iterations of the Solar Rebate Program. 

We will continue to monitor this filing and the Commission’s ruling on Duke’s request, and we will keep our members informed of updates. In the meantime, NCSEA encourages anyone interested in the program to sign up to receive updates through the Duke Energy website. 

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