Action Alert: Say NO to Wind & Solar Over-regulation

Dear Friend of Clean Energy,

As this year's legislative session comes to a close, we still have a fight on our hands. Last night, the Senate passed HB589 with its anti-clean energy provisions. Soon after, the House voted against concurring with the Senate's version of the bill. At this moment, members of the House and Senate are meeting to decide the fate of HB589.

In its original form, HB589 promises to give North Carolinians greater access to cleaner and more affordable sources of energy, while providing hundreds of millions of dollars in local investments and a steady stream of income for farmers and landowners. While the House version of HB589 is not perfect, it is the result of over 30 stakeholder meetings over the course of 9 months, and represents positive steps forward for our diverse clean energy economy.
Unfortunately, the Senate's version of HB589 is an unnecessary and short-sighted mistake - one that all North Carolinians will pay for if passed into law.

Call your Representative and Senator NOW and urge them to say NO to:
  • Clean energy moratoriums,
  • Trampling on private property rights,
  • And the lost economic development opportunities made possible by renewable energy!
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  • Facebook: Don't let unnecessary wind and solar energy regulations harm long-overdue clean energy policy for North Carolina's economic future. Stunting renewable energy development means hundreds of millions of dollars in investments lost for our state! Our NC Senators and Representatives need to hear from you! Call them now and tell them you oppose the Senate's changes to HB589.
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