How N.C. Voters Feel About the American Jobs Plan

The American Jobs Plan is an investment-centric plan introduced by the Biden administration on March 31, 2021. The main goals of this plan are to invest in American infrastructure and communities in order to reimagine the economy. A large focus of the plan is on clean energy infrastructure, including an investment in the transition to clean energy. The plan also sets out to address equity issues surrounding this transition, and other infrastructure transitions in the past, by allocating 40% of the benefits of climate and clean energy infrastructure to communities who need them the most. This is known as the Justice40 Initiative. Although this plan appears to make some strong promises for moving America forward in a competitive world, due to the recent announcement of the plan, American approval of its provisions have been unknown until recently.

In May 2021, Data for Progress and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released the results of a poll the organizations worked together to conduct in April 2021. This poll was created and implemented with the purpose of gauging the attitudes of likely voters all over the U.S. towards the American Jobs Plan, specifically focusing on four main aspects of the plan. These aspects are the key provisions that… 

  • Address the changing climate; 
  • Enable the widespread use of clean energy and domestic manufacturing;
  • Support clean water accessibility; and
  • Advance equity through the Justice40 Initiative. 

Overall, the poll showed that a majority of Americans, no matter their party affiliation, are in favor of the jobs plan. Poll results specifically pertaining to North Carolina resonated with these numbers as Republican and Democrat districts had similar outcomes. This is seen within a deep dive of poll results by the North Carolina LCV (NCLCV) regarding all 13 congressional districts of North Carolina. The organization found that there is 67-84% approval of the American Jobs Plan throughout all congressional districts of NC. To break this down further… 

  • 73-85% of registered voters in all NC districts want Congress to invest in clean energy jobs;
  • 79-87% support replacing all lead water pipes;
  • 59-79% support the Justice40 Initiative; 
  • 59-77% believe that investments associated with the jobs plan will create jobs and grow the economy; and
  • 66-84% believe it is important that Congress take actions regarding the changing climate.

The poll results for all congressional districts of North Carolina show that there is strong bipartisan support for the American Jobs Plan. This is demonstrated by the fact that a majority of registered voters across all types of affiliated districts (Democrat, Republican and Independent) polled in favor of the key provisions of the jobs plan regarding clean energy, climate and equity. As the strong support of the American Jobs Plan is found within North Carolina and beyond, it is clear that clean energy, climate, job creation and equity are on the minds of many Americans. Read NCLCV’s breakdown of NC’s poll results here.

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