N.C. Commerce Releases Offshore Wind Supply and Manufacture Report

Today, the North Carolina Department of Commerce (NCDOC) published a report reflecting a strategic state-wide plan to expand the use of offshore wind in and around the state. The study assesses the opportunities available, the benefits of taking advantage of existing assets, as well as the business potential of offshore wind. The report offers resources that may aide the development of relationships across the supply-chain, and identifies gaps in existing business incentives and policies.

In the report, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper states, “Offshore wind development combined with our strong solar capacity will bring more high paying, clean energy jobs to North Carolina...” Included in this study is also a comprehensive analysis of state-owned ports, which will be critical in the expansion and development of new projects. Creators of the report, BVG Associates, offer a total of 48 recommendations across six categories.

These recommendations include:

  1. how to attract suppliers to North Carolina;
  2. accelerating North Carolina’s offshore wind project development strategy;
  3. ways to support the multi-state regional supply chain cluster;
  4. effective ways to grow NC’s business opportunity;
  5. sustaining the state’s business opportunities through workforce development; and
  6. how to strengthen existing port assets and properties.

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) works every day to build an energy future that is affordable and accessible to all North Carolinians, and we are glad to see the significant potential for offshore wind in the state being seriously considered. North Carolina not only has the strongest manufacturing economy on the East Coast, but we are also the second-highest in offshore wind potential in the United States. The opportunity to build upon our reputation as a clean energy leader in the southeast through offshore wind is here—we just need to take it.

This report was a labor of love for many, but NCSEA wants to particularly thank our members and partners, the Southeastern Wind Coalition, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, and NCSEA Board Member Steve Kalland for their dedication to this work.

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