NCSEA Statement: ITC Suniva Ruling, Solar Tariff

Last week, the International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled in favor of Suniva and SolarWorld Americas that imported solar equipment has caused injury to the US solar industry. As a result, the ITC is expected to soon recommend to the White House a tariff on foreign-produced solar products.

NCSEA is concerned by this decision, as we see free trade laws as not only helpful, but critical to the success of NC’s growing solar industry, which has brought tremendous economic growth to local economies across our state. A tariff – put simply, a tax – on these goods would deal an enormous blow to solar jobs and solar energy access for customers across the country. As a leader in solar energy, North Carolina would feel the pinch immediately: A tariff could mean losing an estimated 4,700 NC solar jobs. And the price for “going solar” would skyrocket: Solar tariffs are estimated to double the cost of solar panels, hurting NC businesses and consumers in the process.

We are pleased to see Governor Cooper has joined a bipartisan group of US Governors in urging the ITC Chairman to oppose solar tariffs. NCSEA will remain engaged in this issue in the coming weeks leading up to the White House review of the ITC recommendations. In the meantime, we will work in any capacity available to ensure NC’s solar industry is not taxed for bringing jobs, economic growth and reliable infrastructure to our state.

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