NCSEA’s Filing on CHP Draws Broad Support

NCSEA's regulatory team is collaborating with stakeholders to make the utility of the future a reality today. NCSEA's request for topping cycle CHP to qualify as an energy efficiency measure has gained the support from a diverse spectrum of stakeholders.

The latest compilation of letters of support were filed with the Commission yesterday. The individual businesses, academic interests, and business/industrial groups support NCSEA's position that new topping cycle CHP systems should qualify as energy efficiency. A Commission clarification to the statute would have a beneficial impact on promoting energy-efficiency and cost saving for customers interested in CHP.

Read the letters in support of NCSEA’s filing here.

About the NCSEA Regulatory Team

NCSEA's regulatory team continues to work to make the "utility of the future" the utility of today. To this end, NCSEA's regulatory team aims, in both collaborative and adversarial settings, to advocate for well-founded clean energy policy positions by presenting persuasive evidence and high-caliber written and oral argumentation.

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