Order Issued Amending Duke Energy Solar Rebate Program

On December 3, 2018 the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) issued an Order granting the Joint Motion to Amend Duke Energy’s Solar Rebate Program. You may recall that NCSEA and other interested parties jointly moved to amend the NCUC’s September 20th Order modifying the Solar Rebate Program. The granted amendments include: allowing the annual application window to open on the first business day of each calendar year and requiring residential customers who have received a rebate reservation to install their system no later than December 31 of the year in which the reservation was obtained. For more details about the Joint Motion to Amend, please see our original post on the Motion.

Duke Energy is required to submit a compliance filing within 10 days of the Order’s issuance, and NCSEA will continue to monitor the implementation of the rebate program to ensure that North Carolina customers are being treated justly.  

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