Reflections on the 2016 Election

Change can be difficult.  It always comes with challenges and opportunities.  Over the last few days, we at NCSEA have been reading a lot of surprise and concern about the election and speculation as to its meaning for energy policy both at the Federal level and at home in North Carolina.  There will be challenges.  Based on things President-elect Trump has said, we have reason to think that his administration will be less favorable towards the clean energy industry. For example, the Clean Power Plan will likely be stopped, defunded, or overturned by the courts.

The election for governor presents clean energy advocates with opportunities regardless of who ends up winning. With either a new governor or a second term, there is an opportunity to start afresh.”  We look forward to working with North Carolina’s governor and General Assembly to support a clean energy economy that is safe, affordable, reliable, clean, secure, and resilient. NCSEA will continue to educate decision-makers on the impact the clean energy sector has on North Carolina’s economy. There are, however, many unknowns, and though it is human nature to assume the worst, we should resist doing so.

We should be careful to remember all of the clean energy progress already made in North Carolina and across the United States. Through our hard work, we have already made great strides towards the clean energy future we envision. No matter what happens, that fact will continue to make North Carolina an attractive place to build on our success.

NCSEA is busy analyzing the new energy landscape. We are going to be very proactive in engaging decision makers on behalf of our agenda. Along with clean energy companies, customers, the utilities, and environmental groups, we will work to protect the progress we have made and ensure that North Carolina continues toward a clean, sustainable energy future that is affordable and safe.  Please let us know about your concerns and be sure to stay in touch with us as we develop our strategy for moving ahead in this changing environment.

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