SCE Bonus Episode: HOAs & Rooftop Solar

On July 9, the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) released a surprise bonus episode of the Squeaky Clean Energy Podcast, “Live and Back in Action - HOAs, Rooftop Solar.” For this special live recording, Host Matt Abele went on location to the Amberly Master Community’s 2021 Earth Day Event in Cary, NC where he spoke with NCSEA’s member solar installation companies and Amberly residents about the progress of solar in the community. 

First built around 15 years ago, the Amberly Master Community has grown to over 3,200 diverse residents with a focus on family-friendly culture. Amberly Residents’ Club General Manager, Tom Reina explained that 75 homes in the neighborhood have already installed solar panels on their roofs and hopes that the Earth Day celebration encourages more residents to explore renewable energy options.  

Matt also took the time to speak with Colie Botto who is the Community Manager of Waters Edge, the newest neighborhood subdivision within Amberly Master Community. Unlike older HOAs which may be more hesitant towards solar panel installation, Collie believes that especially with increased educational resources, Waters Edge will be incredibly welcome to new solar installations. From a homeowner’s perspective, Amberly resident Larry Van Bueller emphasized not only the environmental benefits but also the economic benefits of solar, which has made his monthly utility bills incredibly affordable.  

Matt also interviewed Yes Solar Solutions and NC Solar Now, both proud business members of NCSEA, about the general benefits of solar and why residents should consider making the investment now. Yes Solar Solutions energy specialist Thomas Gamble explained that with the declining cost of solar panel installation and integrated battery storage systems, homeowners should capitalize on this moment to invest. Additional benefits of solar and battery storage to homeowners include increased property value, avoidance of rising traditional utility costs, and reliability during emergencies.  

Battery storage solutions, which increase electricity reliability and provide emergency backup, have also become much more sophisticated recently with more options, like the Tesla Powerwall, a dynamic lithium-ion battery storage system. In addition to rooftop solar installation, Yes Solar Solutions also offers customers installations battery systems and electric vehicle charging stations.  

Coupled with the affordability of solar, Mitch Davis, regional sales manager for NC Solar Now, also explains that modern technology has made solar panels much sleeker and seamless, to the point where they add to rather than detract from the aesthetics of a home. To receive a free consultation on the feasibility of solar for your home, contact NC Solar Now or Yes Solar Solutions for a free quote. To learn more about what to consider before installing solar on your home, check out NCSEA’s comprehensive NC Consumer Guide to Solar Electricity. 

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