NCSEA Statement on Duke Energy’s Carbon Plan Supplemental Planning Analysis

RALEIGH, N.C. – On January 31, Duke Energy filed a Verified Amended Petition for Approval of 2023-2024 Carbon Plan and Integrated Resource Plans and Supplemental Planning Analysis in the Carbon Plan/Integrated Resource Plan docket to adjust for the company’s increased load forecast. The filing sets out Duke’s plans to add a variety of generation resources over and above what the company proposed previously.


NCSEA is pleased to see that 2,400 MW of offshore wind by 2035 is now part of Duke’s plan. Offshore wind offers a reliable source of clean energy that pairs well with solar. We would like to see Duke invest more in resources like solar, wind, energy efficiency, and energy storage to affordably meet electricity demand and reach 70% carbon emissions reductions by 2030.  Additionally, it’s imperative that the utilities are building a generation future that’s comprised of affordably, commercially viable technologies. NCSEA is collaborating with partners to bring alternative lower-cost, clean energy-focused proposals and modeling to the NC Utilities Commission to consider for the Carbon Plan so that North Carolina can meet its carbon emissions reduction goals on time.



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